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built by baileys

Background of the Founder

When Shane Bailey first started college, he was attracted to home design/construction and considered a career in architecture. He ended up graduating from the University of Colorado with a Business degree, with an emphasis in Real Estate. Right away he was able to obtain a Real Estate license. After working in real estate for a number of years, Shane decided to return to his original goal of becoming a home builder. Once his mind was made, he completed a carpenter certificate and eventually became a  licensed general contractor. Combining his knowledge of real estate and home building, he also became a certified Home Inspector. Shane actively trades in the stock market while maintaining his multiple licenses. This abundance of knowledge and experience is being shared through Built By Baileys.

Shane is the owner of Bailey Custom Homes and Build Beyond Real Estate.

Shane Bailey #builtbybaileys

Why Built By Baileys?


Built By Baileys was formed by Shane Bailey and his cousin Evan Bailey to compliment his businesses in the real estate investment and home building world. They wanted to start a conversation about the industries and how they make a great marriage, create entrepreneurship and the future need for innovation.  This began with a podcast to talk with other industry professionals and now includes an educational YouTube channel. Shane wants to share his knowledge and continue to learn from others as well

Built By Baileys

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Built By Baileys

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