built by baileys

How we started


Built By Baileys was formed by Shane Bailey and Evan Bailey as a "sequel" to their business partnership in the real estate investment and home building world years ago. They wanted to talk about the industries and how they make a great marriage, entrepreneurship and the need for innovation.  This began with a podcast and has evolved into an educational YouTube channel as well. We want to share our knowledge and continue to learn from others as well

Why Built By Baileys?


Built By Baileys was formed under the idea that knowledge needs to be shared in order for innovation to happen.

This site brings all of those things together, as well as offering items for designers, builders, investors and homeowners alike.


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Shane Bailey is a carpenter by trade, licensed general contractor, licensed Realtor and certified Home Inspector. He also actively trades in the stock market and has been a real estate investor since 2005. Evan Bailey has worked in finance basically from the day he left Kansas to head out to Colorado and has learned the numbers game since day 1. He is also an entrepreneur by heart, and together Shane and Evan have owned many business ventures together, including a restaurant  and a coffee shop, along with a real estate investment venture. They are now investing in the world of alternative construction together.