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The building and construction industry is in trouble, and not because the world is too expensive. It is in trouble because this country has told everyone that in order to succeed in life you need a college degree, and anything less is failure. This has caused many young people to avoid learning a skill and a trade and stay away from this industry. There is a major shortage of workforce specifically for his reason, and it is sad. We need to teach skills that ANYONE can learn in life, whether it is for a career in the building industry or just to repaid homeowner items on their own homes. 

Contrary to the national rhetoric, here is the truth. You can make a WONDERFUL and SUCCESSFUL career in the trades and the building industry as a whole. This does not mean you need a formal college degree. Built By Baileys has decided it is time to act, and to teach. #GetSKilled has been started to get the real information out there and to provide the means to build a career in this industry. We are now committed to not only teach the skills necessary to learn a trade using your hands, but also your brain. We are sharing our knowledge on the business side of the industry, and not only to new people in this business, but long time veterans as well. It's time for change, and we are now here to facilitate that change. #GetSkilled

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iIn a traditional setting or on a traditional track, people are told to get into college and earn a degree. Every step of the way these people are paying tuition to supposedly gain the knowledge they need to start or progress their careers. As an alternative to traditional education means, people can take a job in a trade as an apprentice in SO many different trades and learn a skill that lasts a lifetime, and get paid to learn all along the way. 



Ever wonder why you had to learn geometry and fractions in school? Working in the buiding industry shows you WHY and allows you to actually apply what you learned in school.



Everyone looks to learn about themselves in life and looks for a way to grow and succeed, even if that person does not realize it until later in life. Working in the trades and the building disciplines allows you the room to learn while earning, develop lasting relationships, learn physical AND mental skills and the ability to someday become a leader, whether it is in the form of running your own business or be at the head of someone else's business. There is no ceiling. 

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