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Providing Everything You Need TO BUILD YOUR NEW HOME

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We provide full architectural services from the comfort of your home. Are you looking to design your new home but now realizing how expensive architects are in the scheme of the construction process? We thought so, and that is why you landed here. You are correct. Hiring an architect is an expensive endeavor and after paying tens of thousands of dollars to them, you still having nothing but paper to show for it and a general contractor that is already telling you the build is WAY too expensive for your initial budget.  Welcome to Bailey Custom Homes Design Services, a entirely new way to design your home. BCH Design Services can take you from concepts to Design Development and all the way to the finish line with full construction documents ready for permitting no matter where you are building your home. We have partnered with an engineering firm that is licensed in 47 states, so your construction document package will not only meet full building code requirements for your region, but you will have the structural documents you need as well to submit to your builder AND the building department. It is completely streamlined.



Looking to build a shipping container home? We are your peeps. We have not only designed many shipping container homes, but we have built them as well, so we know how to put them together on a set of plans for you as well. We know all the nuances and adjustments needed so your build is as smooth as possible, and your builder can get it done whether they have done 10 of these types of builds or this is their first one. 

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Yes, this is a FULL service design package, and can all be done online. Unlike many other online architectural design services, we provide all documents required for your permitting AND you get full renderings and sketches so you can actually VISUALIZE the final product, and your dream home will come to life right there on paper. We do not provide the bare minimum, but we do not charge the the FULL MAXIMUM that an architect will charge for their services. We do all of our meetings on video and on the phone, and if you are here locally, we can also meet in person throughout the design process. 

Contact us to set up your free 30 minute consultation and see if we are the right designer for your build. 

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